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[Trigger warning: discussion of rape, rape culture, rape-related tropes found in Watchmen.]


…so here we go.

One of my big problems with Watchmen is how stupidly the near-rape is handled. And it’s EPIC stupid.

It’s full of every dumbass cliche there is,…

Really? Silk Spectre I falls in love with him after he tries to rape her and beats the shit out of her. SS II specifically states how cool he is, and flirts with him openly. Ozymandias respects him. Rorschach praises him, that leaves almost no POV characters left who don’t openly express admiration for him. And, this stuff doesn’t happen in a vacuum…using rape cliches isn’t excused because the writer is talented, unless the cliche is subverted or presented in some manner that illuminates the characters in a new way. This doesn’t. In my opinion, of course. The victim falling in love with her rapist is a hoary cliche and there’s nothing here to elevate that cliche away from its crappy peers. Brilliant book. It doesn’t mean it’s without problems. 

I always thought it was MEANT to be full of cliche, since the book was about comic books, more than about their characters. 

I just figured everything and everyone was a trope in Watchmen, they were cardboard characters to emphasize the cardboardness comics can have and are sometimes assumed to have, a commentary as much as any kind of story- also a commentary on how un-heroic heroes often get written as in the name of gritty-dark-background possibly.

So it didn’t really reduce my personal opinion of the book, although it still definitely had me cringe a little*- I just figured it was more purposeful cliche served in “Golden and Silver Age” cheese sauce.

*Ok I cringed a LOT.

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    This is basically why I have a knee-jerk response to the issue of how great Alan Moore is.
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    fact that he uses it...nearly everything he writes makes it especially lazy. Other things...
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    Also, wasn’t the rape implied to be a major part of the reason why the team fell apart? I don’t have my copy of Watchmen...
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    Which one? The one during the Comedian’s funeral, the one where Laurie’s a kid and the other Minutemen visit her house,...
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    Alright, first things first. GAIL SIMONE DISCUSSING ALAN MOORE’S USE OF RAPE IN WATCHMEN. Is it my birthday, or...
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    His recent stuff, too. Neonomicon, anyone? People can salivate over Moore’s craft all they want, but he’s a one-trick...
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    Not that he should also...this, but Watchmen also paved
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    It always feel like they didn’t quite push it far enough or something. Like there have been relationships with rapist’s...
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    I always thought it was MEANT to be full of cliche, since the book was about comic books, more than about their...
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    I am actually totally fascinated by Sally Jupiter, although I don’t know if that’s because of me reading way more into...
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    I reblog the original because some...criticisms are dumb. Also, as if I needed another...
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    Yes. This. When I first read Watchmen, kept re-reading that entire section over and over trying to figure it out - none...
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    ^Yep.^ Thanks for saying what I tried to say. ;)